Gift the Gift of Clean

SparkleMafia Cleaning offers Gift Cards so you can easily gift your loved ones the gift of clean.

Vacuums We Recommend and Why…

Experience the power of effective cleaning with SparkleMafia Professional Cleaning! Say goodbye to vacuum frustrations and hello to a sparkling clean home.

4 Steps to Decluttering Your Space

Effortlessly declutter your space: Start small, spend 10 minutes daily sorting items into 4 categories: give away, resell, recycle, and keep.

How Much Time Do I Save Hiring a Cleaning Service?

Hiring a cleaning service saves you time! Spend more moments enjoying life while professionals handle your cleaning needs efficiently and effectively.

Is Hiring a House Cleaner Worth It?

Wondering if hiring a house cleaner is worth it? Let professionals handle the dirty work while you reclaim valuable time for yourself.

Unlock a Sparkling Home in Kitsap County with Our Expert Cleaning Services!

Searching for a house cleaner in Kitsap County? Look no further! Our professional cleaning services ensure a spotless home, giving you peace of mind.